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Through our strategic alliance with RJ O’Brien, who is the leader–and for good reason. We offer a number of different futures trade services, including many that allow for online trading. With RJO Futures, you have speedy, secure and reliable access to the global markets through our high-tech online futures trading platforms. We offer the options you need including fully customizable trading screens, choices of connectivity and full access to a number of different accounts and markets. We utilize the latest technology in futures trading services. This will ensure that you stay ahead of the competition and on top of your game.

At CCS, we look outside our own company to bring you the very best service possible. In addition to our own proprietary web-based future trade services, we also have relationships with a number of third party providers–giving you access to even more up-to-the-minute information and the ability to complete transactions on the fly. Plus, the RJO trading platform services include full tech and trade support so you are never left without an answer to any question or support for a problem. Whether you are managing your account information, executing an online trade or researching your latest investment,CCS offers the right platform for the job.

RJO Web OE Depth of market, preset orders, integrated risk management. Learn more. New Trader FREE
RJO Vantage Depth of market, multiple account trading, dynamic interface. Learn more. New Trader FREE
CQG Integrated Client Trade routing, spreadsheet trading, advanced charting. Learn more. Professional Trader  
CQG Trader Depth of market trading, integrated order ticket, trade multiple markets.Learn more. Active Trader  
TT X_Trader Multiple markets from one screen, MD Trader ladder, customizable. Learn more. Active Trader  
TT X_Trader Pro Configurable spreads, synthetic order types, custom API applications. Learn more. Professional Trader  
T4 Vertical market depth, news, charting package, Mobile Trading Application.Learn more. Active Trader  
PATS J-Trader Real-time account information, single-click trading, global execution. Learn more. Active Trader  
PATS Pro-Mark Depth of market trading, options strategy creator, integrates into Excel.Learn more. Professional Trader  
ICE Platform Single-click trades, risk management, spread implication engine. Learn more. Professional Trader FREE
CME Clearport Counter-party risk management, real-time trade confirmations, third-party valuations. Learn more. Professional Trader FREE

Introduction to Agricultural Options Introduction_to_Grain_Oilseed_and_Livestock_Options.pdf AN INTRODUCTION TO FUTURES AND OPTIONS The Birth of...

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Introduction to Agricultural Options   Introduction_to_Grain_Oilseed_and_Livestock_Options.pdf AN INTRODUCTION TO FUTURES AND OPTIONS The Birth of Futures In the Beginning In the...


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