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Last Trading Day for these JUNE OPTIONS: IMM Currencies; Dollar Index.

TODAY is Last Trading Day for JULY ICE Coffee OPTIONS.

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US 0830 ET May non-farm payrolls expected +190,000, Apr +164,000. May private payrolls expected +190,000, Apr +168,000.

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U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs draw quick retaliation
Italian populist government finally set to take power

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0730 ET May Challenger job cuts, Apr -1.4% y/y.

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Trade tensions and Italian politics continue as threats even as U.S. and European stocks partially recover

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Last Trading Day for these MAY FUTURES & OPTIONS: Butter; Milk.

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Last Trading Day for these JUNE OPTIONS: 2-year, 5-year, 10-year T-Notes; Bonds; Soybeans; Soymeal; Soyoil;

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Merkel arrives in Washington with the tough job of cajoling President Trump on steel-aluminum tariffs and Iran nuclear deal

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Last Trading Day for these MAY OPTIONS: NY Copper; NY Gold; NY Silver

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APRIL OPTIONS: #Live Cattle; #Currencies; #Dollar Index. MAY #Cocoa OPTIONS. May Cocoa options will cease trading at 12:30 p.m. (CDST)
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